The Right Tools

The CUYsoft Knowledge Manager is designed to capture and organize your investment research using an intuitive structure that reflects the real world.

Research is organized into macroeconomics (regions and industry sectors), corporations and governments (issuers) and the securities in which you invest (equities, preferred shares and fixed income instruments).  Each of these data types has been designed to hold  an optimal mix of descriptive information, opinion, analysis and fundamental data.

How is Data Organized?

Information in the system is seperated into core data and comments:

Core data includes information such as the P/E of a stock, the duration of a bond or your Recommendation for a security.  This information changes over time, but there is only one "true" value at any point in time.

Comments, in contrast, are a running commentary.  They might include information such as corporate filings or third-party analyst reports, informal information such as the notes you took during a presentation, or anything in between.

All data types, and their associated comments, support attached files and images, meaning that you can easily upload, organize and share items such as analyst's reports, presentations and corporate filings.  Your data can be further organized using tags.  This might be useful, for example, to identify the source of a report as a particular analyst or research firm.  And, of course, the Knowledge Manager allows you to easily create links between related information, providing context and depth.

How is Data Accessed?

The Knowledge Manager includes a wide range of views and reports, fine-tuned to help you discover and access relevant data.  Powerful filtering and sorting capabilities allow you to quickly identify content of interest.  While most of the available views focus on a particular data type (or types), others are designed to highlight activity on the site.

Information can also be quickly accessed using a powerful search engine, through your personal set of bookmarks or by means of an attached tag.

Know What's Happening

The Knowledge Manager includes a number of features that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your organization.

The Trending Content page displays a list of all of the content accessed by your team during the day, with the most frequently accessed content at the top.  Any items with new or modified content will be flagged.  If something's hot, you'll spot it here.

The Activity Stream shows a record of all activity on the site, with the most recent at the top.  This page gives you a complete picture of all of the contributions made to your site, regardless of type.

Subscriptions allow you to follow what's happening on the site, even when you're not logged in, by sending you emails when content is added or changed.

Revision History and Audit Trail

Revisions are snapshots of your core data, and are automatically created each time you update and save an entity in the system.  The Knowledge Manager maintains a complete record of all such revisions from the moment you start using the system.  Should it ever be necessary, this historical record allows you to "rewind" to a previous point in time, and to recover the complete set of data for that date.

In addition, all revisions and comments are attributed to their author and are automatically time and date stamped by the system, providing a complete audit trail of all changes made to your knowledge base.

Integrated Collaboration Platform

In addition to the knowledge base of investment research, your site provides a robust set of social intranet functionality designed to enhance your team's efficiency and collaboration.

Along with key features such as group calendars, shared to do lists, private messaging and announcements, the built-in collaboration platform delivers features such as discussion forums, internal blogs, wikis, FAQs and polls.