Make Better Investment Decisions

With the collected wisdom of your team organized and at your fingertips, you'll be in position to make better investment decisions. 

We believe that better information leads to better decisions - and, ultimately, better outcomes for your clients.  To this end, the Knowledge Manager allows you to easily share your knowledge and opinions with your team, while benefiting from the efforts and expertise of your colleagues.

The Knowledge Manager captures and organizes your investment research using an intuitive data structure that includes an optimal mix of descriptive information, opinion, analysis and fundamental data.  The system is designed to encourage and faciliate collaboration, leveraging the varied backgrounds and perspectives of your team to advance and refine your knowledge.

Capture Your Intellectual Property

Your team spends significant time & effort researching economic trends, companies and individual securities. Capture that value.

Your team invests significant time reading analysts reports, attending presentations and reviewing economic data.  As they do, they connect the dots and form valuable opinions.

If you're like many firms, the results of these efforts and insights is widely distributed in a variety of hand-written notes, hard-copy documents, scattered files and email messages - or just "in our heads".

The Knowledge Manager lets you capture this information in a well-organized, accessible knowledge base - creating a valuable, lasting asset for your firm.

Enhance Teamwork and Efficiency

Integrated collaboration tools, powerful search capabilities and automated alerts help your team operate at peak efficiency. 

The Knowledge Manager includes an integrated suite of collaboration tools that will help your team organize their activities, share knowledge and discuss important issues. 

Powerful search capabilities and custom-built views provide quick and easy access to all relevant content, eliminating tedious and time wasting manual searches through hard-copy documents and across disparate systems.

And automated processes alert your team to new, changed or updated content - whether they're in the office or on the road - ensuring that everyone stays in the loop.

Manage Your Business Risk

Key fields and a complete revision history ensure consistency and help demonstrate regulatory compliance.

The Knowledge Manager automatically maintains a complete revision history and audit trail from the moment you start using the system.  Should it ever be necessary, this historical record will allow you to "rewind" to a previous point in time, and to recover the complete set of data for that date.

The Knowledge Manager includes a number of key fields, such as Suitability, Recommendation and Classification, designed to guide your team's actions, ensure consistency across investment managers, clients and their portfolios, and demonstrate compliance with FINRA 2111 and similar regulations.