Give Your Investment Research a Proper Home

The CUYsoft Knowledge Manager is a powerful, centralized platform that allows your team to collect, manage and securely share proprietary investment research.  Your knowledge base will build naturally over time, quickly becoming a rich resource and valuable asset.

Like a CRM, but custom tailored for your research

In many ways, the Knowledge Manager is like a Customer Relationship Management system for your investment research.  Where traditional CRM software contains people, contact information, conversations and follow up tasks, the Knowledge Manager stores research topics, analysis, opinions, notes and discussions.  Both are centralized, well-organized and shared, providing your team with quick and easy access to important information, while ensuring that nothing falls between the cracks.

Compliments your data subscriptions

As an investment professional, you no doubt subscribe to one or more data services.  These services provide your team with a valuable flow of fundamental data, corporate filings, press releases and other publicly available data.  The Knowledge Manager, in contrast, lets you capture, organize and share your personal analysis, opinions and notes on whatever economic topics, issuers and securities your team decides to follow.  And, when it makes sense, you can use the Knowledge Manager to also capture a snapshot of your subscription data as well!

The Knowledge Manager will help your firm:

  • Make better investment decisions
  • Capture your Intellectual Property
  • Enhance teamwork and efficiency
  • Demonstrate FINRA 2111 compliance

The Knowledge Manager features: